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Colouring black and white photos: 7 fab makeup tips for African women

How to make up your eyes for black and white photography

1. Pick colors that will contrast your skin tone, keep in mind that purple, red and blue appear pretty dark.
2. If you want to wear more than one colour, make it two; choose shades with very different gradients such as black and white.
3.Matte shades are the better choice for photography sessions conducted in strong lighting.
4.Shimmery shades are good for photography session without flash and in a dim lit set.
5. Winged or graphic eye liner maybe all you need, keeping it simple is elegant.
6. Wear white eyeliner to brighten up the eyes or enlarge small eyes when wearing an all round smokey eye.
7. Dress your eyebrows with a darker shade than your natural hair colour for strong definition.

Do you have any more fabulous makeup tips  on how to dress the eyes for black and white photography?

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