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Product Rev 17: 4U2 Magic #03 eye-shadow and blush combo


I have been using ‘4U2 Wave three color blush on’ since I got a hold of it because I love it’s peachy pink tones and matte finish. I had the 4U2 Magic for as long but was hesitant to use it because it seemed like a color for light skinned women because I felt like it kind of appeared doll-like and it had a finish which didn’t settle well to my eyes- like a visible layer of powder. But after a week of watching the whole season 2 of Nikita and seeing how hot Sonya looks in her pretty pink blush,granted, Sonya is on the fair range but I decided to give it a second chance anyways after all I do look good in pink eye-shadow. Here are my thoughts on it:


+Plus side:

  1. The colors are highly pigmented.
  2. It has satin/silky smooth texture.
  3. Comes in four different shades with different intensity-dark,medium,light.
  4. Lasts for more than 6 hours on my skin.
  5. Sheer shimmer.
  6. You can coordinate your cheeks to your eyes.
  7. A very classy casing with a good mirror.

-Down side:

  1. Doesn’t easily blend in.
  2. 4 different shades in the same range.
  3. Even though the shimmer effect is very sheer, it can look prominent when over applied.

#Makeup tip: Blending blush with an oil

Given the downsides up there, I had to figure out how I can make use of the advantages. Coconut oil has been a favorite in the last few weeks so I decided to solve the blending and finishing issue with a touch of coconut. After moisturizing my face I applied the blush in the darkest pink tried to blend as much as I could with a brush then followed that with the slightest dab of coconut oil to blend it in some more which moved the product a bit. I followed it with a retouch of blush using the oily finger and it resulted to a sheer blushed cheek with a liquid blush like finish.


Can you see the sheer pink tone on my cheeks that looks as it’s my natural skin flushing?

Verdict: I love the Magic #3 because the pink shades give me a natural youthful glow making me look younger; I think;-) And because it doubles as eye-shadows it makes it a convenient and efficient pack for my handbag.

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