Product Rev

Product Rev 18: Olive defending hand-cream by ARCHEE—IDEAS FOR LIFE


Olive Hand Cream by ARCHEE--- IDEAS FOR LIFE

I’m a fan of organic products and a patriot to an extent; I support good domestic products; keep they flag flying. Recently I stumbled upon ‘Olive’ defending hand cream produced in Dar-es-salam by ARCHEE COSMETIC NN GENERAL SUPPLIES. My first impression: Where in Dar are olives grown? Packaging and branding: Nice packaging, an olive green tube with a simple but effective label. With estimated 60gm weight it’s easy to carry and the screw in cap makes it spill proof; perfect for my hand-bag. But the label has no ingredients so I assume it’s olives and no manufacturing or expiry date so I assume it’s on the transportation box. They’ve put contact details though, I suppose if the missing items are a concern, you can calk them up or email them but I think it’s mainly for marketing reasons. The manufacturer says: Developed especially for hands, our virgin olive oil formulae is suitable for all skin types. Absorbds quickly leaving hands softer and smoother. Protects from moisture loss and render your skin supple and smooth… and goes on… Quality appraisal: The cream is lightly scented with a nice floral fragrance, doesn’t feel oily; a soft non-greasy formulation that glides smoothly in the skin to give medium moistutization. I’ve to reapply after about 2 hours to stay moisturizer throughout the day. Verdict: I agree with the label that it does absorb quickly but since I don’t have problematic skin and have only used it for a week, I can comment on the promised effects of supple and smooth skin. However for 1000Tshs it’s cheaper than most foreign nail and handcreams sold under 3000Tshs ssuch as enchant and is similar in performance. Definitely worth a try.




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