Mrembo Maridadi

DIY loose powder higlighter/bronzer

I love the looks on the runway that have the model’s face well bronzed out to mimic a tan. Lighter girls can rock the tanning bronzer but my face is two toned with a lighter shade which fits with MAC NW 45 and a darker tone which fits an NW 55. Using the natural differences in my skin tone, the challenge for me is to highlight in a way that gives me a central glow to get the same effect and even bigger challenge is to get the right product on a budget.

I purchased an L.A compact bronzing powder which is golden and shimmery at 10,000Tshs it was cheaper than both Iman and Cover Girl bronzers which sold at more than 20,000Tshs.


L.A. Color on their website have this description for the product:


This silky golden tone bronzer mimics a natural tan. Includes applicator in an attractive compact case. So dust yourself and enjoy a year round natural bronze glow!

But I have been having a tough on how to use it right because it is a little hard to blend in evenly and really stands out on my skin, you can see the shimmery particles are obvious making it look crude so I kept it stashed in the cupboard for a while. After using Oriflame mineralized loose powders and Dove shimmer effect, I decided to try grounding the compact powder and mixing it into talcum powder at a 50:50 ratio to make a loose powder and I like the results of my first attempt. I got an easily blending powder that provides a light shimmery glow in the dark.

My room doesn’t have superb lighting; to demonstrate how my highlighter works, I picked the darkest spot in my room and tried to use the natural light to take the photo below. See how my forehead and cheeks glow? That’s wear I applied the product.

Of course the poor lighting also compromised the quality of the photo but I hope you can appreciate what I’m trying to demonstrate.


I said I like the blend but I still will be trying on different mixes to get the combination that leaves me awestruck.

Do you want to get a natural-looking glow and are wondering on what’s the best makeup and technique? Check out tips from pro-makeup artists:

  1. Beauty tip: Bronzer done right! From Elle
  2. Create a sunkissed, natural tan… From Cover Girl

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