Product Rev

Product Rev 16: 4U2 Gemstone in Citrine

All 4u2 quads have elegant packaging  and have great intensity and staying time; so they are a great investment, I own more than half a dozen but recently I have fallen in love with this pallet. It has the right balance of warm and cool shades in a quad that suits my mood in this hot and cool season. The quad has shimmery shades in deep chocolatey brown, bluish charcoal grey, bronzy-gold and silvery vanilla; a reflection of the sometimes cloudy cool mornings followed by shiny noons.

I’m not a fan of cool colors because they kind of stand out  on my skin and are domineering; I use them sparingly as highlighters. The fact that this quad has  put 2 warm shades in my favorite tones (brown and gold) just makes me love it more.

+Plus side:

  1. Intense shades that have good staying time.
  2. Fine shimmery powder that blends well.
  3. Good balance of warm and cool tones.
  4. elegant durable packaging.

-Down side:

  1. Shimmery shades not suitable for a lid with fine lines/multiple creases.
  2. Needs an eyeshadow base to prevent creasing.


Definitely a quad for every skin tone; worth a try.

Need another second opinion?

Read what mobidfrank thinks of the Gemstone-Citrine pallet by 4U2

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