EZ-Fix / makeup tutorial

Coloring Black & White Photos: 5 fab tips for anyone.



1. When wearing makeup for a photo shoot you have to keep in mind the differences between color and monotone film.
2. Remember that with black and white photos, you are actually working with shades of gray so gradients are not so distinct unless they are significantly different in intensity.
3. Use a medium to high coverage foundation to create an even flawless skin followed with an illuminator for a radiant glow. Use a foundation that that is a shade lighter than your skin tone as a corrector.
4. For dramatic eye makeup choose two colors in a similar shade but with significant difference in saturation e.g pink and maroon that will allow you to create a gradient that will work with the monotone, add black for depth and white shimmery shadow for highlights. A medium tone may not be apparent and is therefore not quite necessary.
5. If you are not  a fan of shadows, properly applied eyeliner, a coat of mascara and a bright lip color for darker women and dark lip color for the lighter ones, is all you need. Add drama to monotonous pictures with a little makeup;-)

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