Make Up

Mrembo Maridadi Series Finale: nature against nature!

We saw how the women of Sudan use sandalwood  for an aromatic radiant glow. There can’t be a better way to end the series than by looking for inspiration on how to protect our skin.

Himba woman of Namibia

In Africa clay has been used among Himba (Namibia), Xhosas (South-africa), Maasai (Kenya and Tanzania) and probably more tribes for generations by both men and women for protection against UV radiation, detoxification of the skin, as nutrient supplementation (calcium,magnesium, potassium) and as an antiseptic.

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This long term tradition has caught the interest of the scientific community resulting to publication of several researches exploring the constituents and cosmetic application of clay and a consequent production of various forms of clays by cosmetic industries.

The protective and nutrional nature of clay has been established and it is known by experience and scuerific evidence that its  color determines the cosmetic function.

1. Yellow clay- antibacterial
2. Red clay- cleanser
3. Blue clay- anti-acne
4. Green clay- mattifying, oil reduction
5. Black- nutritional

Embrace an old tradition that protects you from your natural enemies. The next time you go out, collect some clay and dab it on.

Have you used clays/muds?

The travel journal by Jaime Ocampo-Rangel has an interesting image collection in the culture genre,


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