Product Rev

Product Rev 14: DavisEYE -double color pencil for the eyes

I personally prefer popular relatively expensive brand names such as Oriflame, MAC, Makeup forever, etc. Because of the amount of resources these cosmetic companies invest on reasearch and development, it ensures that there products are top notch. However, i’m always looking out for less popular cheaper brands that are worth every penny.


The davisEYE double color pencil is one such product,  sold at around 2000 Tshs (less than 2 USD) it has satisfactory intensity and lasts all day long.


+Plus side:

1. Has a soft cream texrure and is easy to apply.
2. Blends in well with a brush and can be used with powdered shadows.
3. Has a very convinient sharpener on one end.
4. Comes with a prematched partner so you can get creative.
5. Lasts all day long as long as you keep your hands off your eyes.

-Down side:

1. The prematched color may not be your favorite therefore unnecessary purchase.
2. It smudges easily on oily skin.
3. It’s not water proof therefore washes off with water, you may want to keep-off wet areas.

It’s definitely a product you should consider buying if you have dry or normal skin, don’t wear makeup too often but need an eyeliner every once in a while. It will save your hard earned cash.

This article was written by a proffesional Tanzanian Make Up artist. If you are looking to do your make up for any occassion please contact me on +255683948804


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