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Cat Eye Tutorial

Cat’s eye is a HOT trend.. I loved this simple guide on getting the perfect feline look.

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Professional Makeup Artist-SHUN (Memphis) glamdollteaston

Cat eye makeup always looks very sexy and seductive. Want to have perfect cat eye makeup but not sure how? There are many different cat makeup techniques that help you create perfect cat eye look. You need some practice to find your best. Once you know how to apply a perfect cat line, you’ll really love it. You can create perfect cat eye look by using liquid eyeliner or eye pencil. Pencil eyeliner is easier to use, while liquid eyeliner creates a thicker line and more striking look. Eyeliners in black or brown colors look best. To create perfect cat eye makeup, you’ll need: – pencil, liquid or powder eyeliner in black or dark brown – black/ mascara-eyeshadow

Cat eye makeup Tutorial

How to apply makeup to create cat eye look:

1. Draw a soft line from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer as close to lash line…

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