Product Rev

Product Rev 13: STyx HD Hi-Brow Definition

In any makeup, the first thing I look at is the brows. I really admire the makeup artists and the women who can get it right, perfect shape and shade.  I have tried different eye pencils and brow pencils. Lately, I have been trying out, STyx HD by 4U2 under licence from BEL*AIR cosmetics. It’s available on two shades,  a light and dark brown.


+Plus side:

1. It’s a cream formulae and easy to apply.
2. It has a brush on one end to groom the brows.
3. Twist to use, no need for sharpening.
4. Suitable for lighter brows such as blondes and brunettes.

-Down side:

1. Blends with the skin so it’s doesn’t give much effect for dark brows.
2. It can dry out.
3. It twists like a lipstick so can easily break.


The bottom right brow has been filled in with the darkest of the STyx HD. Which of the brow fillers do you prefer?
Have you used STyx HD? What’s your opinion?

This article was written by a proffesional Tanzanian Make Up artist. If you are looking to do your make up for any occassion please contact me on +255683948804


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