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Mrembo Maridadi 4 is singing out loud

In a rather male dominated society the Haya woman like her counterparts in many other African cultures has come a long way and is now taking steady steps towards a greater freedom to express and apply her skills to benefit both her community and  herself. Traditionally makeup is not foreign among Haya women, they have used traditional kohl to line their eyes and clay to protect their faces from the damaging effects of the sun.

With the changing times, the modern Haya woman is aware of the now more laborious makeup routine, eye-shadows, lipsticks, foundations etc. She has embraced the wave of change but still maintains her identity through her traditional dress code in important events and celebrations. It is not uncommon to find young Haya women wearing Kitenge and jazzing it up with shell necklaces in  kitchen parties, send-offs and weddings.

Saida Karoli is one of the most prominent Haya woman in Tanzania, singer and performer who has staged live shows within the country and around East Africa.

Karoli was born in 1976 in Rwongwe, a small village in the Bukoba Rural district in the northern Tanzanian Kagera Region on the western side of Lake Victoria.”Maria Salome”, a song from her first album Chambua kama Karanga reached number three in airplay on Tanzanian radio. After the song’s success in Uganda, she become popularly known there as Wanchekecha, a nickname derived from the lyrics of the song. She has entertained the Kabaka of Buganda and is an act at Zanzibar’s Sauti Za Busara Festival. Most recently she was nominated for several honors at the Kora All-African Music Awards. (

Adapt their style:

Even though there is no makeup style that would identify a Haya woman, she is aware of the cosmetic industry and uses it effectively. The model in this feature is a Haya woman; born, raised and lives in Bukoba. She likes to add a touch of elegance to her image without looking too made up and that is the reason we decided to go for earth tones to create a look that was elegant yet natural.

For the eyes: Shimmery dark brown, copper and yellowy-gold. A black liner was applied very close to the roots to create an illusion of thickness and finished off with a single coat of mascara.

The face: An HD primer followed by medium coverage liquid foundation to create an even skin tone. A peachy highlighter was applied to the forehead and cheeks to create that bursting light effect.

The lips: a red lipstick was followed with a shimmery dark chocolate lip gloss.

Being  a young Tanzanian woman with Haya heritage, it should be no surprise that I chose to feature a Haya woman in the 4th series of our Mrembo Maridadi mini series. In loving memory of my mother, who was a hair dresser and beautician and in whose arms I became.


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