Make Up / Mini series / Mrembo Maridadi

Mrembo Maridadi 3 Is The Queen Of The Nile


Makeup has been popular in Egypt  much longer than Cleopatra. In her time, makeup involved lining the eyes with black Kohl and green malachite; reddening of the lips with crsuhed beetle and ant paste; and moisturizing the skin with the protective unguent.

Besides it’s decorative use, ancient Egyptians believed that their eye makeup warded off evil and protected the eyes from diseases.

Makeup trends have transformed over years from the simplicity of the classic to the sophistication and drama of today’s young Egyptian women wear more than kohl and lip stains but dramatic shadows and eyeliners in various colors and textures as well as accessories such as false lashes, stickers, glitters and temporary tattoos.

Adapt their look:

Inspired by the iconic image of Cleopatra and the history of makeup in Egypt, I decided to create a look with shimmering earth tones on the upper eyelid. Then used shimmery green to line the lower eyelid and finished off the eye makeup with a smoked out black pencil liner followed with a an extended thin black line with liquid liner close to the lash line.

You’ll need:

1. Shimmery shades in earth tones.
2. Green shimmering liner.
3. Black eyeliner pencil/gel
4. Black mascara (optional)
1. Foundation suiting your skin.
2. Blusher of your choice.
3. Traluscent or setting powder.
1. Conditioning lion balm
2. Lipstick in earth tone and optional matching /clear gloss.




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