Product Rev

Product Rev 12: L. A. Colors mineral pressed powder

There is a buzz around mineral powders so I decided to give it a try. I have recently started to use the only mineral powder I could find. At 20,000Tshs L. A. Colors pressed powder in honey beige has been a great find. It’s a few shades lighter than the darkest tone on my face. It gives a matte finish with subtle highlight which I absolutely love. Between my MAC studio fix, Posner and Prisma; I would choose this for day as well as night wear because it feels comfortable and natural on the skin.

+Plus side

  1. Has light reflecting pigments that makes it a good highlighter.
  2. Feels smooth and light.
  3. Gives an excellent matte finish.
  4. It has a cool mirror and a soft light sponge.


  1. Low-medium coverage so can’t be used on it’s on when coverage is a concern.
  2. Low color pigments.


Despite the downside, it is a product you should consider buying for to use as highlight and to set your liquid/cream based foundation.

This article was written by a proffesional Tanzanian Make Up artist. If you are looking to do your make up for any occassion please contact me on +255683948804


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