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LED Eye Shadow: Riddiculous or Innovation?

I’m always doing research on different trends if you follow my blog you know that already. I have been impressed by neon, electrick and the super attention grabbing makeup all this season but nothing would have prepared me for the next big trend.

Before I go on I’d like to ask this: How do you feel about having eye lids that emit light? Ridiculous or a genious invention?

Lulin Ding an Artist/Researcher has designed an LED eye shadow!
“I was interested in the way women wear eyeshadow and how most of the time you can only see the details when their eyes are closed,” writes Ding on her website. “I sought to translate the attributes of eyeshadow into a digital medium. I made the initial decision to use the light to paint the eyelids when you blink and close your eye.”
So how does it work?
I didn’t want to sound techie here but bare with me. At the moment the makeup system is made up of very thin wires that are insulated and held within wire frame. Using a LilyPad Arduino or flat-pad microcontroller as balancing weight, the wires stay suspended in place in the vicinity of the eye.
What is my opinion?
I feel that this is the big trend that would carb my fantasy addiction and craving for ‘things out of this world’ however at it’s current prototype it’s not something i’ll be trying out on my clients or myself for that matter unless I’m in costume for the AnimeExpo.

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