Product Rev

Product Rev 10: #Oriflame Wonder Lash #Mascara

Apparently I’m an expressive creative – I use creativity to express my emotions.

In the past few weeks I have been less of an eyeshadow  enthusiast because of the time it takes to figure out what colours or style I want to apply. I have found refuge in simplicity, my makeup routine has been eyeliner and mascara.

With improving mood I have found it compelling to appraise my comforter – Wonderlash Mascara by Oriflame.

My first thoughts on the product was that it was less than I expected, I didn’t see much of a result in comparison to my MAC false lash effect. But when I discontinued using the MAC and concentrated on Oriflame I now appreciate its quality and results.

What the manufacturer says: Waterproof mascara that defines, lengthens, separates and volumises without smudging, smearing or running. Flake-proof complex for flake-free lashes. 8 ml.


  1. It’s gentle on the eyes, it doesn’t get stingy when it accidentally enters the eyes.
  2. It does define, lengthen and separate the lashes just as the manufacturers say it does.
  3. It doesn’t clump.
  4. It is long-lasting and doesn’t smudge or run.


  1. It’s not very pigmented.
  2. You need several coats to add volume.

Take home: 8/10

I would buy it again because of its relative gentleness and staying-time, plus the manufacturer’s description is close to truthful.


What do you think?

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