Product Rev

Product Rev 9: U*Star Pure Cleansing Oil

A honey-gold mix of olive, sweet almond, coconut, rice, bran and Morus nigra leaf oils. The manufacturer states that it is a facial cleansing oil that gently remove dirt, makeup and excess oil leaving your skin clear, smooth and soft. Having combination skin makes me endeavor in looking out for products that will help me keep my skin healthy, balanced and minimize breakouts; my greatest challenge is controlling the oily nature of my skin. Seeing that this was a combination of natural oils, I was skeptical of whether it would make a good cleanser but decided to give it a try anyways – I’m a sucker for natural products (^_^)


I have been using this product for a while now as my daily facial cleanser and I recommend it for normal,combination, sensitive and dry skin. Oily skin may use this cleanser but they would need to follow it with a skin type appropriate toner and an oil control fluid/cream such as ‘Oriflame’s Optimal shine control fluid’  or ‘clean and clear spot remover’.

+Plus side

1. Being an oil it removes makeup gently and perfectly without stinging the eyes.

2. It gives a noticeable radiance.

3. It can be used for facial massage (learn the 10 minute facial massage)

4. You don’t have to follow it with moisturizer.

5. It is made of natural oils.

– Down side

1. The sweet almond scent is very prominent.

2. It uses a pump to dispense  the oil which spreads around the container after a couple of uses.


What do you think?

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