Make Up

Funeral: Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Going to a funeral?

No one says that you should look grotesque however if you must wear makeup then KEEP IT SIMPLE otherwise being natural with NO MAKEUP ON is the best way to go because  it shows humility.

If you are a makeup addict and can’t do without it then try to keep the following in mind:

  1. Wear just enough foundation and concealler to correct imperfection, use as light a hand as you possibly can. Choose long lasting products that will need minimal or no touch up, keep your face refreshed with a spritz of in the thermal water spray (or just water in a fine mist). If you must touch up, do so in a bathroom and not out in the public.
  2. Stay away from bright , bold or shimmery shades- they will attract unnecessary attention attention to yourself. Opt for a neutral pallete pallete instead.
  3. If you wear an eyeliner, try to do so as close to the lash line as possible and use a brush to give a natural finish that creates the illusion of thick lashes and also corrects the eye shape. And stay away from more fashionable eyeliner techniques such as the cats or winged liners.
  4. Do carry refreshing facial tissues (baby wipes will do just fine), moisturizer, a lip balm and a bottle of water to keep your face looking fresh and hydrated. A fresh face wipes off any traces of fatigue which will help to increase positive energy in yourself and around you.
  5. Remember that prominent makeup may feel good to you but will most often provoke the contempt of others.

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