Product Rev

Product Rev 8: Diego Della Palma Fixer

MAC fixer+ is the ‘It product’ that many youtube makeup v-loggers are raving about but does it weigh up to its reputation? I went to find out just how good it really is. I was honourably disappointed. Not only was it itchy but I was not satisfied with the finish-there  was no noticeable change in the overall makeup. . While searching for other options, I came across the Diego Della Palma fixer. The product comes in a simple white coated metallic container with black text aligned vertically at the centre.

Once you have completed your makeup spray the fixer all over your face. You won’t notice much of a difference soon after you spray the product. Give it a few minutes to dry up. Observe how your makeup changes.  You will notice that the products seem to have blended into your skin giving you a more polished finish. The powders set in well and the whole make up gains a dewy glow making your skin look supple- that is what really makes Diego Della Palma fixer a hit for me.

Verdict: It costs just as much as the MAC fixer+ but it does a better job. In terms of aroma it is not the most pleasing however I would still recommend it as a product worth trying for anyone with dry to combination skin! I don’t know how it would perform for those with oily skin but I wouldn’t reccomend it for the single reason that it gives subtle shine which may exaggerate the oily nat


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