Make Up

Makeup for the rainy season;-)

It’s been raining for the past few days . I love rain. I love makeup. It was compelling to find a routine that will work with the dampness in the air. With unpredictable showers I also needed methods to fix the makeup in case I’m rained down.

Here top 10 tips for rainy day makeup- tested and approved.

Tips from Christopher Drummond( and Bobby Carlos (Showbizandstyle-2BU) :

1. If it is raining the day of a special event, stay away from liquid foundation, which has a tendency to “melt” and not last as long.

2. Add a little more makeup than you normally would for all products to prepare for the fact that some makeup will come off due to bad weather.

3. Be sure to add layers to your foundation. Use water resistant products.

4. Avoid moisturizing formulas that contain a lot of oil use mattifying foundation instead- use a silicone-based mattifying product instead of oil blotters to prevent your makeup from sliding off.

5. Wear the smallest amount of makeup possible but if you have to wear eyeshadow, pat on some concealer to make the powder adhere to your lids.

6. Use waterproof mascara to prevent unsightly raccoon eyes.

Fix rain smeared makeup tips from Bobby Carlos:

7. Use waterproof mascara if the weather looks overcast. Too late for that? With your ring finger, gently wipe away the smears (it should be easy enough to remove) and pat on some concealer and pressed powder over any smears that refuse to budge.

8. Streaky blush. Do not attempt to fix your blush by piling on more and more powder; it?ll only make the streakiness more obvious. Instead, wipe away the original layer with tissue and start anew.

9. Smeared eye shadow. With a sponge, blend the smeared portions so they don?t look like weird splashes of color on your lids. Then using a brush or your fingers, lightly dot fresh eye shadow onto your lids. Try to use neutral colors like cream, brown or pale pink so any mistakes will be minimized.

10. Caked powder. Pat, not rub, a piece of tissue over your skin. Then with a fluffy brush, swipe powder over key areas such as your T-zone. Avoid using a used powder puff, as this might contain oil deposits that might make your powder thicker.


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