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(Photo Credit: All images courtesy of The Model Brow)

As you’ve seen from our Spring 2012 backstage beauty coverage, next season’s makeup, hair and nail trends are coming fast and furious. The newest trends to hit your beauty vanity next spring are showing up left and right, and one area of the face that’s receiving major play is the eyebrow.

Brows are thicker than ever and the quicker you can get yours growing in, the better. Not only are brows fuller, but also backstage beauty maestros are finding new ways of showing them off. Check out this primer so your arches are on point next spring.

Brush Your Brows Up
Did you think Brooke Shield’s bushy brows were on their way out? Certainly not, especially with the continued popularity of “It” model Arizona Muse (above). As a trend, this style sticks, namely because brushed-up brows make normal arches look thicker, which is a sign of youth. But now, this look is being intensified. Get out your brow wax and brow gel: Brushed-up eyebrows are the way to go next spring.

Less Than Perfect
Perfectly groomed brows: so yesterday. Why? The messy brow is back. Well, not too messy. But the perfectly clean lines that you get from waxing and threading will fall to the wayside. How to achieve the look? Keep the lowest row of brow hairs unshaped to create a slightly messy line.


The Darker, The Better
As seen on the runways of Joseph Altuzarra (above right) and Derek Lam (above left), the darker the brows, the better the beauty—regardless of what your hair color is. Anyone with light blonde or black tresses will be sporting the super-dark brow, whether it be penciled in for a severe look, or softly shaded with a darker brow shadow for a softer feel. This is a welcome change to the bleached brow that dominated runways in seasons’ past—a look that only a supermodel could pull off. If you want drama, this is your arch.


Could Thin Be On Its Way Back In?
While the runways were sporting full thick brows, a few runway shows dared to bring back the thin eyebrow, a la ’90s Kevyn Aucoin. To achieve this look, brows are erased with concealer and then penciled in to reflect a rounder shape. Follow by brushing through for a softer feel. Since brow trends change drastically every 10 years, we’ve seen the thicker brow for quite a few years now, so could it be that the eyebrow tides are changing? The better question is: Are you ready for it? –Elke Von Freudenberg

–Elke is a celebrity eyebrow specialist and makeup artist, beauty blogger, creator of The Brow Collection and The Model Brow Service, and owner of Elke Von Freudenberg Salon. Her work has appeared at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, in numerous magazines and fashion shows, and on the faces of celebs such as Kate Moss and Blythe Danner.


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