Fix Your Makeup Trouble: Worn out eyeshadow


You spend a considerable amount of time to apply your eyeshadow and would like to have it last longer than just through the morning.


Prep: cleanse, tone and moisturze with skin type appropriate products- clean skin is the perfect foundation. Then:

  1. Apply a primer before your eyeshadow- this really helps the shadow stay in place.
  2. Apply an eyeshadow base- this product is designed to help the product last longer, minimize creasing as well as make the eyeshadow more vibrant and intense. I prefer to layer this on top of the primer, really improves the stay in time.
  3. If you have no primer or eyeshadow base- layer the powder shadow on top of a waterproof cream shadow. This would work for those with either dry or normal skin but is not a good option for oily and combination skin.
  4. Use  a concealer/ liquid foundation followed with setting powder as your base then follow this with your choice of eyeshadow. Beware that this may affect the color intensity and tone of your eyeshadow.
  5. Use wet eye shadow- the color appears more intense and sets well.

My routine is:

I spend a considerable amount of time getting my eyeshadows done so I have tried and tested all the above methods to help me keep my shades on longer with the guarantee that I look just as I did when I applied it. Through a number of tries with different eyeshadows I have found that layering is key- create the foundation then apply the shadows.

Prep -> Primer -> Eyeshadow base -> Eyeshadow-> Fixer


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