Wat's Trending?

Keep up with the trends;-)

If you are thinking about what makeup to embrace as the weekends starts… Here is a simple reminder of what’s trending and how to get that look!
Have a nice weekend:-)
Love BB

Make That Change

We have just stepped into the New Year, and yet again we are bound to see a whole bunch of emerging makeup trends this year. So ladies, lets get some heads turning with these entirely new array of makeup trends. Our Marketing Director Ms. Sharmili Rajput, predicts a shift from the very popular bronzed looks which we saw through last year, to using more vintage or classic make up, with dabs of shimmer. This would result in a more worked-out look and seems to be the hot trend this season.

The look: Colour eye shadow.
Making use of exquisite bold shimmering brown’s and dazzling gold eye shadow in order to highlight your eyes for a night out would catch everyone’s attention. “When selecting eye shadow one must consider a blend of warm and cool colour palettes” say experts at Oriflame.

Get the look: 1. Start by creating a layering…

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