Product Rev

Product Rev 7: NYX eyeshadow base

Hours of color trials in shops and review hunting online makes selecting the right eye shadow an expensive investment both in terms of time consumed in product searching and the emotional process involved when evaluating suitability.  Any thing that can delay this process must be divine intervention, thanks heaven for  Eye shadow bases! They  enhance the color pigment of your eye shadows and  gives them a longer wear, allowing you to use lesser product every time. Ladies,what this means is your pallet will last longer;-)

There is a wide selection of eye shadow bases and it takes a bit of leg work and face wipes  to get the one you like. There is a lot of buzz around the NYX eyeshadow base among make up users online with suggestions that  it’s affordable and worth your money. I have taken the time to review it and here is the outcome of my evaluation.

Description: A cream base that comes in 3 shades, the skin tone, white and pearly. Manufacturers claim that it gives 100x more vivid colors.


1. I can’t prove the 100x effect but it does increase the intensity of the shadows.

2. It reduces creasing even though not absolutely.

3. It improves the wearing time.


1. The ‘skin tone’ isn’t a dark skin tone and unfortunately it doesn’t adapt to the skin so it will show when you don’t blend the shadows in well. It is however better than the white shadow because white is a better contrast to dark skin.

2. It is not very easy to apply, it easily gets displaced.

3. Getting the product out of the container may be inconvenient for those with long nails because you have to dig in. It doesn’t have an applicator.


1. The pearly base has a shimmer and is better used for the sheer shadows. Alternatively it can be used to spice up matte shades.

2. If you have long nails you may find it helpful to use a wet sponge applicator.

3. Apply very little of the product at a time and blend it in well. To avoid harsh edges use a skin toned shadow in areas where your main shadows will not be applied.


What do you think?

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