Product Rev

Foundation, Base- get more from your makeup

Makeup foundations and bases, both words used literally to encompass all products that are used to enhance the performance of another product or in other terms all products that other products stand on.

It is common knowledge that a great foundation in whatever aspect in which the word may be used, is fundamental for a great outcome. In makeup artistry, this couldn’t be more important for the plain fact that cosmetic products are expensive and a great image is imperative.

Much as we may dispute and I believe in both arguments for pros and cons of the society judging people on how they look as well as commercialization of cosmetic products as image refiners. Regardless of whether it is fair or not, it is what it is. Eventually a majority of the society will judge you by yourself image so you want to ride the wave!

May I point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong to ride against the wave but if you want to surf then you need to know how and why.

In the following articles I will be reviewing primers and bases I have used hoping that it will help you decide what to buy the next time you go shopping.

I’m sorry if this article sounds a little literal, it is the foundation of the following articles, it has to provide a good support.


What do you think?

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