Aisthetikos / makeup tutorial / Mini series

Aisthetikos 7/7 Finale – Lip colors

Lips are usually the last routine in a makeup session and it is only fitting that they should end our aesthetikos series.

The wearing of lipstick was probably pioneered by the ancient Mesopotamian women. The opinion of different societies on lipstick has been as diverse as the shades and textures they come in. Even within the same society lip makeup trends have gone  through a cycle of acceptability and rejection. Today lipstick is widely acceptable.

In  everyday makeup lipstick compliments the overall look but in party or fantasy they can contrast or become the focus of the entire makeup.

To transform the lips from normal to attention grabbing an artist may use lip balms, lipsticks, glosses and a number of other adjuvant such as glitters, sequins, stickers etc.

Here are some pictures to inspire you:

Confused about what color to choose?

Over the years the most popular lips color has been RED and it’s variants, it has established itself as an all time classic. Therefore if you are to invest on a color of lipstick, let it be – red 🙂


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