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Aesthetikos 6/7 Coloured Contacts

The idea of contact lenses was developed as early as 1508 by Leonardo Da Vinci in his manual Codex of the eye, Manual D. But it was not until 1888 when  Adolf Fick designed corrective contact lenses that could be fitted on the eye.

Contact lenses have evolved from being used purely for vision correction to being widely used for aesthetic reasons to entirely transform one’s physical features by altering the eye color giving rise to two classifications of colored lenses: decorative ones used by individuals as a makeup accessory and theatrical ones used in the movie industries for special effects such as in zombie eyes.

Going through a mass of web pages, pictures and you-tube videos for hours looking for the ultimate transformation using contact lenses, I came across this Foxy Barbie transformation by colored beautiful and my search came to a climax. It is a quick and easy look that effectively demonstrates the role of the honey colored contact to transform the artist from ordinary girl to a barbie doll.

Wearing Contacts A Picture Tutorial

1. Using your index finger pick up the contact lens from its container.

2.  Using the free hand lightly open up the eye further by pulling down your lower lid.

(You may alternatively use the middle finger of the hand holding the contact to pull down the lower lid and the free hand to lift the upper lid.)

3. Look away and place the lens closer to the outer corner.

4. Release the pull on the lower lid.

5. Blink rapidly and look around  for a few seconds until the lens is in place.

For more help on how to wear conact lenses check this video tutorial from ACUVUE.


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