Aisthetikos / makeup tutorial

Aisthetikos 5/7 Blush

Image: makeupsense

Blushing, a feature of some one that is lovestruck and a common sighting among embarrassed schoolgirls making their first confession. Blushing  cheeks are mesmerizing and with the right technique every girl can have that ‘fallen in love’ glow.

In the vast world of makeup, blushers also know as rouges, come in a wide range of colours with varying intensity and textures. Blushers are used to add color and dimension to cheeks and along the temples  giving the overall makeup warmth and glow that may vary from romantic to dramatic effects.

Applying blush:

1. Blush should be applied to the fullest part of your cheek and towards the temple.

2. Try to avoid reaching the triangular area close to the nose, applying blush in this area looks unnatural, (The apples of the cheeks have a better blood supply which gives the reddish glow  when we are anxious, excited, flashed or blushing. In a naturally blushing face we hardly see the reddish tint extending towards the nose.)

3. To help you avoid the ‘ no blush triangle’ place two fingers (index+ring) between your cheek and nose.

3. Smiling helps you locate the apples of your cheeks.

4. Blush may be applied before or after foundation. Applying it before foundation gives a more natural subtle finish.


Different lighting and colour of your outfits affect the way your


1. Blush tutorial by makeupsense – a nice beginner’s tutorial.

2. Top Tips and Advice: Blush, Cream Blush, Makeup Blush

Selected Youtube video:

Blush for dark skin

How to apply blush for your face shape


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