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Aisthetikos 3/7 Glitters

Glitters have a cunning way of reminding me of my teens. Ah! The best days of my life when my imagination was unrestricted and enjoyed lots of freedom in creativity. Slam books any one? Yes, I had one of those. I remember spending hours trying to spice it up with my signature decorations.To make the perfect royal slam book I’d go for lots of bright neon pens, sparkly stickers and glittering sprinkles.

When it comes to make up I love glitters because they are sparkly, they add brilliance to gorgeous. While creating the look for this entry I wanted to be able to to re-live my childhood obsession for everything glittery and sparkly I hope I can inspire you to release your inner child. All the best.

Neon lights fireworks
1. Apply the base shadows. 2. Use a glittering gel liner to draw the star pattern.
3. Apply a neon pink liner in the upper lashline and gel glitters at the center of the lid. 4. The effect of light on the glitters and shimmery shadow under the brow.

Advice Corner

Glitters can be the most cumbersome cosmetic to use because they are also notoriously sticky.

More Inspiration:


Eye candy- Glitter lips

Youtube video: gold glitter sparkly eyes


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