Aisthetikos / makeup tutorial / Mini series

Aisthetikos 2/7 Eyeliner

“Eyes, that displaces The neighbor diamond, and out-faces That sun-shine by their own sweet graces.”
Richard Crashaw Quotes
Source: Wishes–To his (Supposed) Mistress

Great authors have penned timeless literature that have held the eyes of a woman in high regard. Folk tales  have been told of strong men that lost against the captivating gazes of the female gender.  Build your confidence and use the captivating power of your eyes by emphasizing or altering their contours. In everyday makeup, eyeliners are good tool to accent or frame the eyes and ensure that they stand out.

Eyeliners come in different types (pencils, liquids, gels, creams, markers)  and in a range of colors. There are various eyeliner techniques to add glamor to the eyes, the most common ones being cat’s eye and winged eyeliner and their variations.

Once you have chosen to use eyeliners to create a dramatic look you’ll need patience, practice and some inspiration.I have created this look to get you started. Have fun and good luck.

Flying without wings

Here is a 4 step tutorial to creating the above eyeliner design.

1. After applying the shadows, make an outline for the shape of the eyeliner design with a pencil liner or brush. Here I drew the upper black wing and the arch for the green liner. 2. Then draw the lower wing from the outer corner of the lower lash line towards the upper wing and join them.
3. Fill in the black liner to create a thick wing and continue lining the eye along the upper lash line towards the tear duct and along the lower lash line inwards to mid or 3/4 of the eye. (This will keep the eye open, a good technique for small eyes.) 4. Using a wet liner brush and a shimmery green shadow draw the green outward V arc. Using the same shadow line the remaining inner corner of the eye.

Advice corner

1. It is handy to know the right eyeliner application technique to correct or enhance your eye type (Makeup SOS) and remember that dark colors depreciate features while light colors accentuate.

2.Add the colors little by little to attain the desired intensity and contours.

3. Liquid eyeliner require a steady hand so use them carefully, pen liners and markers are a great choice for beginners.

More Inspiration:
Creative Eyeliner Ideas


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