Aisthetikos / makeup tutorial / Mini series

Aisthetikos 1/7 – Shimmery and vibrant shadows

Shimmering and vibrant shades are a central part of any party or fantasy makeup. They add the extra sparkle and drama respectively. Vibrant shades have high intensity and should be added progressively during application (it makes it easy to control how much color you have on).  For the first entry in this series I have created a look that I have dubbed ‘A golden Arabian Night’.

As you might have guessed my source of  inspiration was Arabian makeup. For the color palette I chose to go for metallic shimmery shades in gold  and vibrant blue which remind me of the cool Arabian night sky and the golden sands of the desert. I have used  ‘contrasting color theory’ where I matched the warm gold with the cool blue.

A Golden Arabian Night

1.Begin with a matte shadow to even out the lid color.I used
the beige shade from sleek i-divine storm palette on the
entire top lid after applying the primer and foundation.
This ‘pre-shadow’ helps even out the eyelid color creating a
perfect base for the main shadows.
 2. Then I applied this golden shade (VOV pigment color
powder no 600) from the mid of the brow blending
inwards towards the crease and inner corner then from
the mid towards the crease and outer corner. (A tape from
the outer corner placed vertically towards the temple helps
in keeping the shadows in place.)
3. Applied a muddy brown shimmery loose powder shadow (VOV) from the outer corner blending inwards and upwards from the outer corner towards and along the crease. 4. Added a vibrant shimmery blue (Miss Rose) gently patting from the mid eyelid towards the inner and outer corner blending upwards.
5. Further define the eye and add depth with a black
eye shadow in the outer corner in a outward
horizontal v (>) pattern.
6. Apply the same blue shade on the lower lash line from the outer corner towards the inner corner but not all the way through. Add the shimmery gold shade on the remaining portion.
7. Apply black pencil liner close to the lash line of the
upper lid and the water line of the lower lashes.
Followed with liquid eyeliner to create double wings,
the first shorter and thinner line on outer corner of
the upper lid and the second thicker and longer line just
between the two outer corners. Extend the line slightly
further inwards from both the inner corner.

8. Using a wet liner brush apply the golden shade between the two wings in both the inner and outer corner.

9. Curl the lashes if you wish to and add a coat of mascara.

10.  Define the brow with an appropriate brow pencil/ shadow.

This look was created to demonstrate the use of shimmery and vibrant shades in party makeup.

Advice Corner:

  • Shimmering shades flatter a younger skin but when appllied to mature skin they emphasize the wrinkles giving a more aged look!
  • Wear shimmery and vibrant shades in moderation for a more casual every day make-up.
  • For a day makeup you can use shimmering shades to highlight the brow or highlight your eyes by dusting lightly on the lids and inner corners of the eyes , check out Jada Pinket‘s look in campus chic series.
  • Vibrant colors in monochrome can add some fun to your look, check out summer makeup ideas.
Beginner: read  ‘Eye Sahdow Basics’ by Kate it’s a helpful start-up guide.


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