Make Up

Makeup 4 selected moods(:)

Sometimes we are happy, others sad and some other times indifferent to what is going on around us. Sometimes we feel soo energetic that gravity can’t hold us down and other times we are soo weighed down that we could reach the bottom of the black sea. Emotions are part of being human. Like colors on the color wheel, there are basic feeling and those mixed up in betweens.

Lets see how we can make our makeup routine work with our moods:

Feeling high, unstoppable, merry- Have fun!

It is a festive season so if you are among those who are lucky to be in the greener side of the fence you shouldn’t feel guilty just because a few of us aren’t. A positive attitude radiates through your skin and makeup can only enhance the beauty within. So for you, wear whatever you like, embrace the trends or experiment. Look for inspiration in our TrendStars 7HW, Runway and makeup cartegories Remember that the color we are welcoming is the Tangerine Tango.

Feeling low, off-beat, worn out- create an Illusionary radiance

Sometime when you look at yourself and you see a lesser miserable person than you feel it helps to lift up your mood. If the low feelings run you down as they often do me, you don’t want to choose a makeup routine that will be too overwhelming in the time it takes to get you done because you are likely to give up.

Go for a quick fix that will make your skin radiate and highlight your face- to give you a boost.

1.Cleanse- 2.Tone-3. Mosturize- 4.Highlight

Use a tinted moisturizing cream to skip the foundation, makes it less of a hassle trying to balance off your skin tone.
Then use an illuminating cream on the apples of your cheeks and forehead to give you that radiant skin.
For the eyes – a higlighting shadow/illuminating crayon (loving the oriflame range of illuminating crayons) then a pencil/gel liner  in black, brown. grey or jewel tones and follow through with mascara. If at this point you feel like you can push yourself a little further then finish off with your choice of lipcolor and blush otherwise just gloss:-)

Feeling a little teary- let it flow!

Don’t supress those tears, go ahead and cry because you’ll feel better. Someone I love told me that tears are after all 1% water and 99% emotion. Just because it’s raining from your eyes, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good while at it.

So go ahead and:

1. Cleanse 2. Tone 3. Moisturise 4. Highlight

Create the illusionary radiance as above but make sure you use water-proof mascar (I love MaxFactor’s False Lash effect) and liner (Lancome artliner)- you don’t want to look like a zombie. Then fix your make-up with a thermal mist so that it doesn’t run off with your tears or rub off with you hanky;-)


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