makeup tutorial

Adorn your peepers

Tips On Wearing Eye shadow:

Wearing eye-shadow may take a couple of your minutes but may be fun and a great way to make a personal statement. I see a number of women embracing the culture and some of them wear them adorably with the right technique, the right shades and in tune with the current trend. Eye shadows like every other make-up should enhance your natural beauty as well as say something about who you are.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, you may want to adorn them in the right way.

Here are few tips on how to wear it right:

  1. Before wearing any kind of make-up, know your skin undertone. It will help you to select the shades that will flatter you most. Read this guide from Modern Traditional for the basic on recognizin your undertones.
  2. Know your skin type and what texture of shadow is best suited for your skin for example – creamy shades are best for dry skin but not more mature skin, pearly shadows are best for darker women, shimmering shades make your wrinkles stand out! Read more about eye shadow textures.
  3. Know the shades that complement/contrast your iris and use them to produce different effects such as making your eyes pop! Read– How to choose the best shadow colors for your eyes.
  4. Know the trends- what works for the runways or editorial magazines and what will actually work for your life style. Decide on how much time you want to spend on creating your look. For a practical girl, natural looks are the best. Read our Campus chic series  for some ideas.
  5. Choose a pallete that suits your life style, a natural pallete is the best for subtle make-up looks suitable for day and office environments. I personally love the Sleek i-Divine storm pallete.
  6. Remember that dark shades cause an illussion of smaller eyes and also help in creating depth where as lighter shades make your eyes appear larger. This helps in makeup correction for various eye types, find out more from Eye shapes and eye makeup solutions.
  7. Use a primer to help the shadow set and last longer.
  8. Choose the right tool to apply your shadows. Shimmery shadows are best applied with a sponge applicator. There different types of brushes for different effects.
  9. Blend well– start light and build the color slowly. Well blended shadow is the key to sultry eyes. Read this picture tutorial and practise  how to do it right.
  10. Most importanly know Who You are and What you want Your makeup to say about you- high fashion, lady-like, easy going, professional, trail blazer.

Personally, I love color and editorial style make-up– it’s high fashion 😉

Here is someone who has a beautiful blog of fashion photographs that could inspire you, check out: That’s the Look!


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