Campus Chic

Campus Chic 6: Before the Party

Beauty how to: pre-party facial

Massage your skin before make-up for evening-long radiance.

BY Sonia Juttla | 20 November 2011

To look your best before an evening event follow this 10-minute face massage routine. It’s been developed by the Taiwanese skincare expert Su-man Hsu, who is based in London and whose clients include Juliette Binoche. Repeat each step up to 30 times.

• First, rub the ears with the palms of your hands to generate warmth in the face

• Using a moisturiser or face oil, run the heels of both hands from the chin up to the base of the ear

• Then run the heels of both your hands from the edge of your nostrils, pressing along in one continuous line, underneath the cheekbones up towards the edge of your ears

• Using the middle fingers of both hands, press the area at the very top of your nose, then stroke gently but firmly down towards your nostrils

• Align the fingers of both hands vertically in the centre of your forehead, and draw firmly and smoothly towards the temples

• Finally, tap around the eye sockets with all four fingertips, then tap more forcefully all over your scalp

Do this massage regularly – once a month in your twenties, and weekly from your forties onwards.



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