Product Rev

Product Rev 6: Brush.. Brush.. Brush

There are different types of brushes, those with synthetic and those with natural hair. They have different uses in the world of make-up artistry. They provide different texture and effect in the finished looked.

Synthetic brushes are used with creamy or thick products such as pancake base, correctors,and lip glosses. Because they are most often used to apply product to small areas of the face, the most useful synthetic brushes are small or medium in
sizes. Natural-hair brushes are used for powders. Of the bristle materials used, pine marten is the best.

A pro make-up artist has brushes of varying sizes, with rounded, beveled or flat brush-heads.

A good brush is a great idea and a must have tool for any make-up lover 🙂

I’m completely in love with my new BH brushes, they pick the shadows well and blend mervelously. Their bristles are soft, not irritative and easy to wash.

For a girl on the go, the mini bobbi brown brush sets designed for personal grooming are perfect  for day-to-day makeup application. They come in different combinations and you may choose the one that suits your style best, the one I have has a powder brush, a shadow brush, an eyeliner brush and a lip brush- the bristtles are soft, not itchy and easy to clean.

It’s the perfect set for me because I wear cream eye liner, usually have eye shadow on my lids, instead of foundation I wear just translucent powder during the day and no lipstick. So I use 3 out of 4 brushes for my daily quick make-up routine.

I love the size and the casing too- soo chic! Perfect for the hand bag.


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