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Product Rev 5: Shine Control

Shine ControlI have tried  a number of methods to control the shine on my combination skin and have had no satisfactory results with powders and oil control fluids including foundations which say ‘oil-control’. The shine is a challenge because it makes my make-up look unsettled.
Well, until I stumbled upon Oriflame’s – Optimals Balance Mattifying Fluid SPF, I had to apply powder every now and then which was an extreme put-off. I completely love this product because it does what the manufacturers say it should 🙂


  1. Controls shine through-out the day.
  2. Has SPF  8
  3. Gives a matte finish, a perfect base before foundation.
  4. Feels light but keeps skin moisturized.


  1. Dries quickly so gives an unpleasant feeling when applying in a well areated room.
  2. It’s perfumed so may be irritating.
  3. 75mls, too small :-S

Verdict: Worth every penny!


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