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Very Sexy Heidi Klum

Image from Bella Sugar

Heidi always looks gorgeous when making public appearances and the model has her very own line of cosmetics by my favourite lingerie retailer, Victoria’s Secret.

I own and love the mosaic eyeshadow BEAUTIFUL quad. The shades are subtle, silky smooth on application and long lasting.

The featured set has shimmering shades in a dark chocolatey (B) color, a silvery grey (S) color, a soft lavender (L) color and a higlighter (H) which is goldy when applied.

I love the combination of dark and light colors because they make the set convinient for both day and night make-up.

They come in a very sexy casing in gold, autographed, ‘Heidi Klum (heart)’.

If you love being stylish and are not a fan of big sets with lots of colors then it’s probably a good idea to venture into Heidi’s world of beauty poducts.Swatches:

The chocolatey shade (B) isn't very prominent on my skin tone and I love it because it darkens the lid in a natural way and adds a touch of shimmer making it flirty in a 'there or not?' teasing way. Image taken with flash on.

How I have used this Set:

Chocolatey brown(B) on the mobile eye-lid and the lavender (L) blended just below the brow as higlighter.


Very Sexy: Limited Edition by  Beauty Anonymous


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