Campus Chic

Campus chic 5: Party time!

Denim ‘n’ Rose

I’ve revisited the Denim & rose dramatic night party look, made some adjustment to the shades so that it doesn’t look too bright.So practise it and and have fun with the pink and blue pallete inspired by Bobbi Brown.

I made this illustration of how to get the look to make it easier to follow the written guide.

Get the Look:

  1. After preping the eyelid and applying the primer. Using an applicator or brush apply the light pink shadow blending  from the lacrimal upwards and outwards towards the center of the eyelid reaching to about 1/3 of the eye. Follow this with the light blue shadow applied from the outter corner upwards and inwards towards the center blending with the pink shadow.
  2. Using your finger dab in the dark blue shade from the center of the eye lid upwards in a circular motion. Blend well but don’t blend too much and let the light blue shade be seen at the edge.
  3. Follow this with dabbing in of the dark pink shade from near the lacrimal area also in a circular motion towards the blue shade and bled the two shade where they meet. It will create a light purple transition. Which is not appreciated in the picture.
  4. Apply the black eye-liner at the roots of the upper lashes to thicken them. Then the brown liner (a lighter one with you are dark and a darker one if you are light) at the water line of the bottom eyelid and blend it along the roots of the lashes. Follow with a coat or two of mascara. This look may end here.
  5. Or you may choose to blend in the charcoal grey shadow from the outter corner of the eye upwards along the orbital bone to  about 1/3-1/2  of the eye for  extra definition. Also blend the same shadow on the outter 1/3 of the lower lash line. ( This step is best for those with deep set eyes.)


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