Product Rev

Product Rev 3: VOV lips

I simply fell in-love with VOV lip colors. They are relatively cheap compared to brand names such as MAC, Maybelline, Bobbi brown, Iman  and the list goes on… The next time you go shopping look for this Korean brand and give it a try. Remember RED is HOT this season.

Plus+ :

  1. It has good coverage and intensity.
  2. Mositurizes the lips, feels soft and smooth on application.
  3. Feels natural on the lips.
  4. Lasts fck guide onor a reasonable 4hrs.
  5. Not tested on animals.


  1. They are not as widely available.
  2. May be irritative , some may experience itchiness.


For a quick guide on selecting red lipstick watch ‘HOW TO: Find the right RED Lip for your complection’

Check out Makeup SOS for more tips.

Jessica Alba at BAFTA


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