Campus Chic

Campus Chic 4: Supermodel bombshell

Tyra Banks

Being as successful as Tyra  means a lot of media attention and a big fan bank. Looking hot and trendy becomes part of who you are-Tyra does it well on TV cameras and off with a little color emphasizing this and that for a sexy finish.

Tyra’s make-up is about defined eyes almost always in black smoked out liner combined with a neutral pallete in browns, bronzes, golds and greys. Her brow is well groomed and arched filled in with a complementing natural shade. Her face is flawless and bronzed out and not much color is applied on the lips except on night-outs when she puts on reds and a couple of trending colors every now and then.
If you have that extra time on the mirrror on weekends or public holidays when not much is going on around campus, you can pamper yourself to a super model look.

Get started with a tutorial by a You-tuber:

Tyra inspired makeup


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