Make Up

Inspired by nature: ZEBRA

The Zebra is elegant, it’s eyes are well defined with a black eye-liner and the rest of the lid is a mixture of black and white shades- a perfect combination of neutrals to create a look that is easy on the eye (trust a makeup artist). I was looking at my newly framed Zebra collage and I couldn’t help but try to create a look from it.
I went for silver and black. Silver is a metallic colour that flatters black skin and it does not create the horrible contrast that white does.
Before doing the makeup I made a sketch of how I thought I would translate the zebra eye which was a helpful guide and it helps you know what looks look cool on the paper but don’t actually work on a real mode ( I have seen many make-up artists draw up the ideas so I thought why not, am a good sketcher too–Bonus!)., I dropped the black line below the lower lashline because the make-up was already overpowering without it and I didn’t want to go for the warrior mask look.

black and silver

The idea was not to create perfect zebra stripes.