Product Rev

Product Rev 2: Sleek Powder

Sleek cream-to-powder foundation

Powder  foundation is the best choice for oily skin and in areas where there is humidity. They are easy to apply, give a dry

finish and control shine. A variation is the cream-to- powder foundation which is the foundation of choice for T.V. and photography make-up.


Even though slightly expensive than the MISS ROSE range selling at a price  ranging between 15,000-28,000, sleek powders are a recommended choice.

+Plus side:

  1. They have added SPF and an oil free formula.
  2. Available in a range of colors from henna to honey-beige to sable so easier to find a match.
  3. Soft, creamy, easy to apply and blend in.
  4. Doesn’t cake even when layered to give a heavy coverage.

-Down side:

  1. They may be allergenic to some.
  2. They rub-off and stain clothes so may necessitate the use of a make-up fixer or frequent refreshing.

What do you think?

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