Swahili Fashion Week- Arusha 2011

After knowing that SFW 2011 is going to premier in Arusha, I have been soo psyched looking for make-up inspirations from every magazine cover I could think of: Vogue, Comopolitan, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Elle, Today’s Black Woman, Ebony, Essence, Bang! And the winners were, Vogue Japan October 2011 ‘Call her diva’ and Essence October 2011  feature of Amber Riley. I used these two magazine pictures and the SFW logo as inspiration to come up with the following looks.

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1. Vogue Cat’s Eye

A dramatic cat’s eye in just black and an alternate one with a vibrant pastel line in conjuction with black. This was a perfect choice for me because cat’s eyes are ‘IN’ and the pop of color just adds that Divalicious look.
This is soo easy and straight forward. In my translation, I used a shimmery eye shadow in chrome yellow from Romantic Bird  green pallete.

2. Naturally smokey

Even though I love color, I’m an advocate for natural looks for all occassion. The advantage of such minimal make-up on the eyes is that you cna use a vibrant lip color just as the warm pink Amber is wearing on the essense photoshoot. An ideal look for someone who is not all that into color.

Break down:

I used the sleek divine-storm pallete.

Apply no2 as base and to higlight the area under the brow. Follow it with no11 on the mobile eyelid.
To add a touch of shimmer, apply n07 to the center of the eye blending outwards. Also apply it on the lower lash line. Follow this with no12 applied as a smoked out line on the border of the upper lash line.  You can add a black ligquid eye-liner to define the eyes further.
Finish it up with a coat of black mascara.

3. Patriotic Smokey Eye

When I looked at the SFW established designer 2011 album from the official FB page, I couldn’t help but notice that the models in the photoshoot were wearing yellows, greens, blues and blacks and I thought perharps they were using the colors from the Tanzanian national flag which are the colors of the SFW logo. So, I decided to create a look that will feature those colors.

Break down:

I applied a shimmery aqua blue (Miss Rose Professional Make-up kit) from the lacrimal area to mid eyelid not going above the crease. Followed by a shimmery green from the outer corner inwards blending with the blue and going slighly above the crease. I use yellow to hihlight the area under the brow and teardrop.
Followed with a smoked black line (sleek divine-storm eye pallete) in the border of the upper lashline on reaching 2/3 of the lid, I smoked it upwards and outwards to define the eye.
Then applied electric  blue eye liner (vital 180) at the lower lashline, smoked it out with a black shadow and followed that with liquid black eyeliner (lancome) winged  at the outter corner in both the upper and lower lashline borders winged  and wrapped it up with Flase Lash Effect Black mascara by Maxfactor.

Swahili Fashion Week

What do you think? Are these looks suitable for SFW 2011?


What do you think?

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