Product Rev

Product Rev 1: Miss Rose

Miss Rose Liquid Fundation

Miss Rose Liquid Foundation (tubes)

The most widely available and affordable liquid foundation in Tanzanian market, developed in China and trading worldwide, it offers foundation shades suitable for both Asian and African skin.

If you are shopping on a budget and need something that is worth your while then give it a try.

Packaging: Comes is a plastic tube as well as a glass bottle (the look of the glass bottles is varies according to product).

Price: In most beauty and cosmetics shops it sells for about 5000-10,000 TShs.

+Plus side:

  1. It provides good coverage and lasts about 4-6hrs after which you need to freshen up.
  2. Comes in a range of shades in both liquid and cream form.
  3. Has either yellow or red tints which gives an added concealler effect when correctly matched i.e. when you have reddish blemishes use a yellow tinted foundation to make them receed.

-Down side:

  1. It does have a tendency to rundown in damp or humid weather.
  2. Wipes off and  may stain clothes.
  3. May cause itching and a general feeling of discomfort, a plastic like feeling.

What do you think?

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