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London Fashion Week S/S 2012


When I looked at MAC’s London Fashon Week  album, I immediately felt as though I was going through an Alice in wonderland make-up reahearsal. Alice in wonderland is a fantasy adventure filled with colorful and memorable characters.Particularly, ‘the mad hatter’ and his unlikely lover- the queen of hearts (I mean she obviously had a crash on him to keep him prisoner… I think), immediately came popping in my mind. I enjoyed watching these characters on screen; they were humorous, captivating and simply unforgettable.

The use of warm pinks and  peaches on cheeks; cool greens and blues on the eyes with complementing thick angular brows; and warm vibrant shades of pinks on the lips gave the models a fantasy make-over which set them apart from the more popular ‘barely there’ make-up which was prefered by Newyorkers. Where minimal make-up was used on the face giving it an illussion of nudity the lips were brought to focus with different pop colours. The whole pallete is energetic and evokes a sense of creative playfulness.

We expect to see pop colors running down the streets of London in spring-summer 2012 so go out to play and have fun embracing the trend.


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